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Antech Cryocenter Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

Product Details

Cryocenter series are the newest high performance cryogenic liquid phase storage container which mainly used for liquid nitrogen storage in central laboratories. It introduces a little amount of liquid vaporization to generate pressure, then force container discharge liquid, thereby supply liquid nitrogen for other containers. Stainless wheel construction ensures them to use in most rigorous environment for long time. Compared with traditional welded insulated cylinder, it largely reduces evaporation loss. Each cryogenic storage series equips with a pressure raising, drip valve, drain valve and manometer, besides these, Cryocenter 200 and above will also equip with rupture disk and muffler. In addition, all models equip with four mecanum castor for easy use and move to different places. Mainly apply to laboratory and chemical enterprise which needs to store and supply liquid nitrogen automatically.

Key Features

  • 5 year vacuum warranty
  • Stainless steel tanks
  • Automatic caster wheel for easy mobility
  • Protective operation ring
  • Perfect security construction

Technical Specifications

Model Cryocenrter 5 Cryocenrter 15 Cryocenrter 30 Cryocenrter 50 Cryocenrter 100
Liquid Nitrogen Capacity (L) 5 15 30 50 100
Static Evaporation (L/day)* 0.15 0.38 0.75 1 1.3
Infusion Volumes (L/MIN) 2 2 3 3 4
Unit Dimensions
Overall Height in. (MM) 510 750 879 991 1185
External Diameter in. (MM) 329 404 454 506 606
Weight Empty lb. (KG) 15 23 32 54 75
Weight Liquid Full* lb. (KG) 19.1 35.3 56.6 95 157
Standard Working Pressure (MPA)   0.05  
Highest Working Pressure (MPA)   0.09  
Primary Relief Value Opening Pressure (MPA)   0.099  
Secondary Relief Value Opening Pressure(MPA)   0.15  
Pressure Gauge Indicating Range (MPA)   0~0.25  


Model Cryocenrter 150 Cryocenrter 175 Cryocenrter 200 Cryocenrter 300 Cryocenrter 500
Liquid Nitrogen Capacity (L) 150 175 200 300 500
Static Evaporation (L/day)* 1.95 2.1 2.4 3.3 5.5
Infusion Volumes (L/MIN) 6 6 8 8 10
Unit Dimensions
Overall Height in. (MM) 1188 1298 1265 1459 1576
External Diameter in. (MM) 706 706 758 857 1008
Weight Empty lb. (KG) 102 120 130 202 255
Weight Liquid Full* lb. (KG) 225 264 294 448 665
Standard Working Pressure (MPA)   0.05  
Highest Working Pressure (MPA)   0.09  
Primary Relief Value Opening Pressure (MPA)   0.099  
Secondary Relief Value Opening Pressure(MPA)   0.15  
Pressure Gauge Indicating Range (MPA)   0~0.25


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Product Code Description List Price
SQ-900049 Cryocenter 5 LN2 storage container, 5L, including wheels POA Enquire
SQ-900050 Cryocenter 15 LN2 storage container, 15L, including wheels POA Enquire
SQ-900051 Cryocenter 30 LN2 storage container, 30L, including wheels POA Enquire
SQ-900052 Cryocenter 50 LN2 storage container, 50L, including wheels POA Enquire
SQ-900053 Cryocenter 100 LN2 storage container, 100L, including wheels POA Enquire
SQ-900054 Cryocenter 150 LN2 storage container, 150L, including wheels POA Enquire
SQ-900055 Cryocenter 175 LN2 storage container, 175L, including wheels POA Enquire
SQ-900056 Cryocenter 200 LN2 storage container, 200L, including wheels POA Enquire
SQ-900058 Cryocenter 300 LN2 storage container, 300L, including wheels POA Enquire
SQ-900059 Cryocenter 500 LN2 storage container, 500L, including wheels POA Enquire

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