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Automatic Colony Counters

Product Details

Scan® 300, Scan® 500 & Scan® 1200 High technology automatic colony counters

With a digital camera and high technology software, they can be linked to a PC via a USB connection. They count all colonies on a Petri dish in less than 1 second and provide a complete, fast, accurate and traceable reading of the result.

Technical Specifications


 Scan® 300Scan® 500Scan® 1200Scan® 4000
Reference 436 300 436 000 437 000 438 000
Camera CMOS
color camera
color camera
Ultra HD CCD
color camera
Lens M12 lens HD japonese lens Ultra HD japonese lens
Digital zoom x 28 x 69
Resolution 1 megapixels 1.2 megapixels 5 megapixels
Counting time 1000 colonies per second
Minimum size colony 0.1 mm 0.05 mm
Lighting Long-life white LEDs / Dark Field White LED Dome
Lighting system Automatic : 6 combinations, top and/or bottom light white or black background Automatic : 7 combinations, top and/or bottom light white or black background
Counting Automatic with manual control
Counting on Petri dishes 55-90 mm Round and square Petri dishes
55-150 mm
Counting on pour, surface, Spiral® and circle plated dishes oui
Counting on chromogenic dishes - oui
Inhibition zone reader - oui
Counting on PetriFilm™ - oui
Counting on RIDA™ Count or NeoFilm™ - oui
Counting on Compact Dry™ - oui
Counting on filtration membranes - oui
Automatic detection of paper disks, agar wells, peni-cylinders - oui
Results /Data export Recountable Scan® session, PDF report, JPEG, PNG, BMP, Excel™
Color detection - 7 colors on the same dish
LIMS/SIL connection oui
USB connection oui
Languages English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, German
Dimensions (l x p x h) 28,5 x 26,5 x 29 cm 28,5 x 26,5 x 37,5 cm 47 x 47 x 64 cm
Weight 8,4 kg 9,4 kg 25 kg
Voltage 100-240 V ∼ 50/60 Hz
Power 20 W 140 W
Operating system Windows™ 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows™ 8 or 10
Processor Intel (recommended) AMD Phenom or better Intel (Quad-core recommended) Intel i5 or i7 or AMD FX 6000 and superior
Frequency 2 Ghz or superior 2,4 Ghz or superior
RAM 3 Go or better 4 Go or better
Graphic card AMD or NVIDIA (chipsets not recommended)
Equipment USB 2.0 port / CD-ROM reader
Screen 1280 X 1024 pixels and more
Computer Desktop recommended
Hardware Stainless steel
Software update (after registration) 3 years
Guarantee (after registration) 3 years

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436300 Scan 300 Automatic Colony Counter £5,122.00
(£6,146.40 Inc VAT)
(£3,841.20 Inc VAT)
436000 Scan 500 Automatic Colony Counter £8,480.00
(£10,176.00 Inc VAT)
(£6,360.00 Inc VAT)
438000 Scan 4000 Automatic Ultra HD color Colony Counter £20,901.00
(£25,081.20 Inc VAT)
(£15,676.80 Inc VAT)


Product Code Description List Price Offer Price Stock Quantity
437001 Sanita-Kun £127.00
(£152.40 Inc VAT)
(£96.00 Inc VAT)
437002 Petrifilm £127.00
(£152.40 Inc VAT)
(£96.00 Inc VAT)
437004 CompactDry £127.00
(£152.40 Inc VAT)
(£96.00 Inc VAT)
522000 Laser Barcode reader £444.00
(£532.80 Inc VAT)
(£333.60 Inc VAT)

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