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B Medical Systems Contact Shock Freezers

Product Details

Product Details:

  • Power indicator light and digital temperature indicator (display: 0.1 digits)
  • Self-contained alarm system with integrated battery takes over the alarm function and temperature value measurements in case of system failure for at least 48 hours
  • Acoustic and visual alarm signal in case of temperature alarm and system failure
  • Interior made from stainless steel [evaporator plates and drip channel made from stainless steel]
  • Internal LED lighting
  • Smooth castors for optimum flexibility of movement
  • Compliant to Medical Device Class IIa according to MDD 93/42/EEC
  • 7’’ full touchscreen display
  • Ambient temperature sensor
  • Interior made from stainless steel
  • Battery operated emergency opening during the power failure

B Medical Systems’ Contact Shock Freezers CSF 101 are designed to fast freeze your blood plasma to a core temperature below -30°C. They provide an industry-leading freezing time: 48 bags of 350ml in just 26 minutes.

The model relies on a contact shock freezing technology specially developed to help you mitigate the issues that commonly occur in the cooling of blood plasma with conventional blast freezers. The innovation lies in the inclination of the freezing plates and the linear actuators, which ensures the most homogenous, energy-efficient (white paper - available on request) and effective cooling of blood plasma. And this, despite the presence of air pockets in the bags or their uneven filling.

The CSF 101 model is equipped with two freezing plates. Their temperature is carefully controlled in order to avoid the crazing of the bags and any subsequent leakage of plasma. Both plates are made of high quality stainless steel; each level has a LED light and operates independently. This design provides easy access for quicker loading of the bags, but also easy cleaning and hygiene control.
Classified as medical device Class II(a) and accredited as AABB standards-compliant, B Medical Systems’ CSF 101 is the fastest, greenest and safest solution to quick freeze your high value plasma.

Fastest contact shock freezers worldwide: contact shock freezers provide the shortest freezing cycle on core temperature of -30°C: nearly 100 units of 250 ml within less than 60 minutes

State of-the-art contact freezing technologyTM: Our innovative and patent pending system of inclined trays delivers the most homogeneous freezing and offers the best in repeatibility and productivity, with operator independent performance for 100% performance consistancy

Maintenance-friendly design: Our contact shock freezers offer an easy cleaning and disinfection facility • Thanks to the additional battery, plates can still be opened to access the bags, in case of power failure

Technical Specifications

Part Number CSF61 L CSF101 L
Freezing Capacity (Plasma Bags)
Single layer 20 at 1000ml (content 850ml) 32 at 1000ml (content 850ml)
30 at 350ml (content 250ml) 48 at 350ml (content 250ml)
Double Layer 60 at 350ml (content 250ml) 96 at 350ml (content 250ml)
Freezing time to core temperature of -30°C
at +25°C ambient temperature (in single layer)
20 units (1000ml) ± 45 min. 32 units (1000ml) ± 51 min.
30 units (350ml) ± 26 min. 48 units (350ml) ± 26 min.
Operating temperature (preset)
Pre-Cooling -40°C -40°C
Freezing -50°C -50°C
Eco-Mode -40°C -40°C
Climate class (ambient temperature range)  SN (+10°C to +32°C)
Defrosting technique  Manual (Hot gas) / 10min
Refrigerant type  R449a
External dimensions (HxWxD) (mm)  1910x1080x830 1910x1500x830
Dimensions contact plates(WxD) (mm) 2 units of 680x630 2 units of 1110x630
Net weight with standard equipment (kg)  600 750
Supply voltage (V) 380-400 V - 50/60 Hz (32A) or 480 V - 60 Hz (32A)
Frequency (Hz) 50
  Stable running unloaded Freezing Process - fully loaded
(with units at 1000 / 350ml in single layer)
Stable running unloaded Freezing Process - fully loaded
(with units at 1000 / 350ml in single layer)
Power (W) 8200 (Starting power) 4800 / 3500 (5700 Defrosting) 17000 (Starting power) 6900 / 5400 (10100 Defrosting)
Energy consumption (kWh/24h) 0.7 3.0 / 1.8 (per freezing cycle) 0.9 4.5 / 2.5 (per freezing cycle)
Heat emission (Kcal/h) 601 4621 / 2448 860 7138 / 3591
Compressor running time (%) - 90 - 90
Noise level (dB(A)) (at 1m height & 1m distance 73 73 75 75

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