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Chamber Retort Ovens for Catalytic Debinding

Product Details

The chamber ovens NRA 40/02 CDB and NRA 150/02 CDB are specially developed for debinding of ceramics and metallic powder injection molded parts according to the BASF CATAMOLD®-method. They are equipped with a gastight retort with inside heating and air circulation. During catalytic debinding, the polyacetal-containing (POM) binder chemically decomposes in the oven under nitric acid and is carried out of the oven by a nitrogen carrier gas and burned in an exhaust gas torch. Both furnaces have a comprehensive safety package to protect the operator and the surrounding.

Model NRA 40/02 CDB is very compact and excels with its excellent cost-performance ratio. This model is pefectly suited for repeating lab processes and in production. As a professional production furnace, model NRA 150/02 CDB is also designed for frequent charge changes. The furnace has an automatic torch control that detects the end of the process measuring the torch temperature. 

  • Tmax 200 °C
  • Process retort made of acid-resistant stainless steel 1.4571 with large swiveling door
  • Four-side heating inside the retort through chromium steel tube heating elements for good temperature uniformity
  • Horizontal air circulation for uniform distribution of the process gas
  • Acid pump and acid vessel (to be provided by the customer) accommodated in the furnace frame
  • Gas-heated exhaust gas torch with flame monitoring
  • Non-wearing ceramic cup for uniform evaporation of the nitric acid

  Version NRA 40/02 CDB Chamber Retort Oven

  • Gas supply system with fixed values
  • Safety package provides for safe shut-down and floods of the furnace with nitrogen in case of a failure
  • Controller P 300 for setting the temperature curve

Version NRA 150/02 CDB Chamber Retort Oven

  • Extensive safety package with redundantly operating safety PLC for safe operation with nitric acid
  • Automatic gas supply system for nitrogen with mass flow controller
  • Large, graphic touch panel H 3700 for entering data and for process visualization
  • Adjustable acid volume and correspondingly adjusted gas supply volumes

Additional equipment

  • Scale for the nitric acid vessel, connected to the PLC monitors the acid consumption and visualizes the fill level of the acid vessel (NRA 150/02 CDB)
  • NCC software package for visualization, control and charge documentation of the process (NRA 150/02 CDB)
  • Lift truck for easy loading of the furnace

Technical Specifications

ModelTmax°CInner dimensions in mmVolume in LOuter dimensions in mmSupply Power/ kWElectrical connectionWeightin kgAcidic Quantity(HNO3)Nitrogen (N2)
NRA 40/02 CDB 200 300 450 300 40 1100 1250 2450 5 three-phase¹ 350 30 ml/h 500 l/h
NRA 150/02 CDB 200 450 700 450 150 1650 1960 2850 23 three-phase¹ 1650 max. 180 ml/h max. 4000 l/h


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