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Digital Vacuum Ovens

Product Details

Sizes range from 16 – 127 Litres

  • SQ-15VAC-16  Digital Vacuum Oven 16L (SVAC1)
  • SQ-15VAC-48  Digital Vacuum Oven 48L (SVAC2)
  • SQ-15VAC-128  Digital Vacuum Oven 127L (SVAC4)

The range of SHEL LAB SVAC vacuum ovens have recently been modified and provide exceptional capabilities for fast and gentle drying of heat sensitive materials.

In general, Vacuum ovens prevent residue accumulation on products and use lower temperatures than typical convection ovens. Your products are processed with minimal impact and maximum throughput.

The vacuum ovens from SHEL LAB have stainless steel interiors and provide exceptional durability and stability. Available in 3 sizes, SVAC Vacuum Ovens support a diverse array of applications. Our upgraded SVACS meet UL, CSA, and CE safety requirements resulting in a cool outer surface. To achieve required vacuum levels, the units are fitted with a KF-25 fitting to withstand heavy use and minimize draw-down time.

The oven doors on these units have positive latch handles with spring-loaded glass to facilitate a good vacuum seal without hinge binds that shorten the gasket life. The tempered glass viewing window allows for safe, continuous monitoring of samples.

The Vacuum Ovens are equipped with silicone gaskets. While these gaskets resist a wide variety of temperatures and pressures, they can break down in the presence of solvents and acids. For solvent applications, we recommend using Buna gaskets. For acidic applications, we recommend using Fluorosilicone or Viton® gaskets.

Features include:

  • Watlow Controller
  • Generous Usable Shelf Area
  • Achieve Impressive Vacuum Levels
  • Sizes Range from 0.6 – 4.5 Cubic Feet
  • Built-in Overtemperature Protection
  • 24 Month Limited Warranty

Technical Specifications


SQ-15VAC-16 (SVAC1)

SQ-15VAC-48 (SVAC2)

SQ-15VAC-128 (SVAC4)

Exterior Dimensions (WxDxH):                   

444 x 584 x 602mm

528 x 795 x 681mm

686 x 895 x 833mm

Interior Dimenions (WxDxH):                     

228 x 304 x 228mm

304 x 508 x 304mm

457 x 610 x 457mm


15.9 Litres

47.2 Litres

127.4 Litres

Shelf Dimensions (WxD):                             

223 x 279mm

287 x 483mm

437 x 582mm

Operating Temperature:                              

Amb +10°C to 220°C

Amb +10°C to 220°C

Amb +10°C to 220°C

Temperature Stability (Mid-Range):        

±0.1°C @ 150°C

±0.2°C @ 150°C

±0.25°C @ 150°C

Controller Type:                                              




Display Resolution:                                         




Unit Weight:                                                     




Shipping Weight:                                             





24 months

24 months

24 months


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Buying Options

Product Code Description List Price Offer Price Stock Quantity
SQ-15VAC-16 SVAC1-2 Digital Vacuum Oven, 0.6 cubic feet (16 Litres), 230V £5,124.00
(£6,148.80 Inc VAT)
(£4,430.40 Inc VAT)
SQ-15VAC-48 SVAC2-2 Digital Vacuum Oven, 1.67 cubic feet (48 Litres), 230V £5,961.00
(£7,153.20 Inc VAT)
(£5,114.40 Inc VAT)
SQ-15VAC-128 SVAC4-2 Digital Vacuum Oven, 4.5 cubic feet (127 Litres), 230V £11,353.00
(£13,623.60 Inc VAT)
(£9,739.20 Inc VAT)


Product Code Description List Price Offer Price Stock Quantity
20732345 MZ-2C NT, 2 stage diaphragm Pump, max vacuum 7mbar £2,441.00
(£2,929.20 Inc VAT)
(£1,830.16 Inc VAT)
125702 Vacuum Hose, 1 metre lengthy with fittings £285.00
(£342.00 Inc VAT)
(£206.40 Inc VAT)

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