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FAQ - Shaking Incubators


  • Do I need a cooling model if the temperature set point is close to the laboratory’s ambient temperature?

    Yes. The temperature control range for heating-only models starts from ambient +5°C. This 5°C di?erence is due to the heat emission from the electronics and the movement of shaking mechanism, which is also known as the “self-heating zone”.

    If the temperature set point is close to the ambient temperature +5°C and you’re using a heating-only shaking incubator, opening up the air ventilation to its maximum will optimize temperature control. But for the best performance, we recommend choosing a cooling model for set points close to this range.

  • How do I choose the right-sized shaking incubator?

  • Can my equipment be programmed to run with multiple temperature set points? Is the shaking speed programmable too?

  • What is the shaking diameter?

  • How do I choose the right shaking diameter for my vessels?

  • Does the shaking diameter adjustment affect the maximum shaking speed?

  • Can shaking incubators have a static platform above the shaking tray?

  • Can the double layer shaking incubator range be converted to single layer version? What do I need for the conversion?

  • Which model of shaking incubator can be upgraded with optional humidity control and CO2 control?

  • What models of shaking incubators are 5L flask compatible?

  • Is there a photosynthetic lighting option available?

  • Does the operation of the photosynthetic lighting option a?ect the temperature range?

  • Can stackable shaking incubators have a higher base for easy operation?

  • Can sticky mats work on predrilled shaking trays? Do I need a dedicated shaking tray for sticky mats?

  • What’s the maximum shaking speed allowed when using sticky mats?

  • Which right stainless-steel rack do I need for my test tubes?

  • Do all shaking incubators have an illumination light as standard?

  • What’s the daily consumption of CO2 gas?

  • What’s the water source requirement for the direct injection humidification system?

  • Is there a heating-only model?

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