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Integral T Process Thermostats up to 2.7 kW

Product Details

Lauda’s Integral T Termostat recirculating refrigerated water baths are the most powerful in the range with exceptional accuracy and are very compact for this level of circulated cooling water bath.

Integral T process thermostats make rapid thermostating with powerful heating and cooling capacities combined with a small active internal volume possible. This minimises thermal drift and exothermic reactions are effectively controlled. Its compact construction is space-saving and makes the Integral T mobile. The T control unit can simply be flipped open. The following interfaces are then accessible from below: connector for standby contact input, malfunction (alarm) contact output, analogue inputs and outputs, external Pt 100 and serial RS 232/RS 485 interface. From the T 4600 units and larger, the Integral T is equipped with an additional pump allowing for more powerful circulation in the internal circuit. An adjustable bypass valve between the supply pipe and the bath of the external circuit allows for pressure reduction (e.g. in order to protect pressure- sensitive applications).

  • Programmer with max. 150 temperature/time segments, for up to 5 programs
  • Parallel display of 2 temperature values and discharge pressure
  • External control via Pt100 temperature probe or standard signal
  • Analogue inputs (3) and outputs (2), can be configured to 0...10 V or 0/4...20 mA
  • Error message for low level, overtemperature, pumps and cooling compressor
  • Remote ”malfunction” display and stand-by switch via neutral contact
  • RS 232/485 interface for PC and LAUDA Wintherm Plus control software

Temperature range -25...120 °C (optional up to 150 °C)

Options T 1200…T 2200 W Enlarged temperature range up to 150 °C · flow control instrument · low-pressure pump 1 bar, 30 L/min · high-power pump 5.5 bar

Recommended accessories T 1200…T 2200 W Fiber-reinforced rubber tubing · insulation for rubber tubing · 4-port manifold · metal tube · remote control

Technical Specifications

Technical Data
Model   T 1200  T 1200 W  T 2200  T 2200 W
 Working temperature range*  °C  -25...120**  -25...120**  -25...120**  -25...120**
 Temperature stability  ±K  0.2  0.2  0.2  0.2
 Heater power  kW  2.25  2.25  2.25  2.25
 Cooling output at 20°C.  kW  1.2  1.6  2.2  2.7
 Pump pressure max.  bar  3.2  3.2  3.2  3.2
 Pump flow max.  L/min  25  25  25  25
 Pump flow (suction) max.  L/min  40  40  40  40
 Internal volume  L  3...7  3...7  3...7  3...7
 Cat. No. 230 V; 50 Hz    LWP 101  LWP 102  LWP 103  LWP 104

* Working temperature is equal to ACC range ** Available from -25 up to 150 °C upon request.


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