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Lauda Integral XT Water-Cooled Process Thermostats Down to -50 °C

Product Details

Independent of variations in ambient temperature, Integral XT watercooled process thermostats achieve constantly high cooling performance. The temperature of the ambient air remains virtually unchanged thanks to the dissipation of the process heat through the cooling water. This is a particular advantage in setups similar to production as in process plants or in the mini-plant, where work is conducted under the most strained conditions. Water-cooled Integral XT systems are also the perfect choice for airconditioned spaces, since they do not tax or place an unnecessary burden on air-conditioning systems. 

Temperature range -50...300 °C

All Integral XT include Command remote control with RS 232/485 interface


Technical Specifications

 Model     XT 250 W  XT 350 W  XT 350 HW
 Height  mm  660mm   1285mm   1285mm
 Working temperature range*  °C  -45...200  -50...200  -50...300
 Temperature stability at -10 °C   ±K  0.05  0.1  0.1
 Heater power  kW  3.5  3.5  3.5
 Cooling output at 20 °C  kW  2.1  3.1  3.1
 Pump pressure max.  bar  2.9  2.9  2.9
 Pump flow max.  L/min  45  45  45
 Filling volume min.  L  2.6  5  5.3
 Filling volume of expansion vessel  L  5.5  6.7  6.7
 Cat. No. 230 V; 50 Hz    LWP 113  LWP 117  LWP 119

* Working temperature is equal to ACC range


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