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Interscience Flexipump & Flexipump Pro

Product Details

The essential features for easy dispensing

  • For fast liquid dispensing

FlexiPump® is a great tool for serial dispensing of culture media, agar or any liquid diluant, it is compact, has an intuitive interface and great ergonomics. Its speed and precision guarantee an efficient sample preparation.

Essential features:

  • Single pump head with 3 rollers
  • Delivered with one dispensing assembly (3.2mm inner diameter) tube
  • Flow rate up to 1,25L/min


  • Select between 3 dispensing modes and 32 programs with the digital control screen
  • Rotating button for easy navigation and program settings


  • Up to 1% precision
  • Dispenses liquid from 50 µL to 99 L
  • Contamination free: entire dispensing assembly is autoclavable together with bottle
  • FlexiPump typical precision with 3.2 mm inner diameter tube:

9 mL: 1.8%
18 mL: 1%
225 mL: 0.5%

  • In compliance with ISO 6887-1 and ISO 7218 standards


  • Step-by-step guiding instructions on screen
  • Calibration possible with any user’s chosen volume
  • Can be done quickly by anyone in the lab


  • Continuous
  • Dose (Predetermined volume)
  • Multi-dose (Predetermined volume, with a pause between each dose)


  • Compact: only 16 cm wide
  • Improved dispensing control with the handy gun* and electronic start button
  • Smart magnetic handy gun* holder for easy storage


  • High quality Watson Marlow pump heads
  • Powerful stepping motor with no wearing parts
  • Heavy duty polycarbonate top shell and durable stainless steel casing


  • Can be held in 3 positions (pen, mouse or gun) for tubes, Petri dishes, bottles and larger containers
  • Improves dispensing control with the electronic Start button

* Handy gun in option

Technical Specifications

 FlexiPump®FlexiPump® Pro
Reference 561 000 562 000
Dose volume 50 μL to 99 L 50 μL to 99 L
Dispensing modes Continuous - Dose - Multi-dose Continuous - Dose - Multi-dose
Multi-dose pause Adjustable from 0.1 to 99.9 s Adjustable from 0.1 to 99.9 s
Watson MarlowTM pump Single pump head Low pulsation double pump head
Typical precision with 3.2 mm ID tube 9 mL: 1.8 % - 18 mL: 1 % - 225 mL: 0.5 % 9 mL: 0.9 % - 18 mL: 0.5 % - 225 mL: 0.4 %
Delivered with (tubing inner diameter) 3.2 mm dispensing assemblies 3.2 mm and 6.4 mm dispensing assemblies
Flow rates 1.5 mL/min. to 1.25 L/min. 3 mL/min. to 2.5 L/min.
Rotation per minute 10 to 550 rpm 10 to 550 rpm
Tubing inner diameter From 1 to 8 mm only From 1 to 8 mm only
Tubing wall thickness 1.6 mm only 1.6 mm only
Tubings made from TygonTM for pump head and VersilicTM TygonTM for pump head and VersilicTM
Dimensions (w x d x h) 16 x 28 x 21 cm 16 x 34 x 21 cm
Weight 5.5 kg 5.8 kg
Power 100-240 V 50-60 Hz 100-240 V 50-60 Hz
All stainless steel oui oui
1 year guaranteed oui oui


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Buying Options

Product Code Description List Price Offer Price
561000 FlexiPump Liquid dispensing pump POA Enquire
562000 FlexiPump Pro - Fast liquid dispensing POA Enquire


Product Code Description List Price Offer Price
561001 Handy Gun, Dispensing control with Handy Gun including electronic start button POA Enquire
561002 Adjustable dispensing arm, for dispensing in container (max height 41cm) POA Enquire
513015 Independant stand for 2 ready-to-use broth bags for FlexiPump & FlexiPump Pro POA Enquire
513020 Trocar for broth bags for FlexiPump & FlexiPump Pro POA Enquire
507008 Foot pedal for hands free operation for FlexiPump & FlexiPump Pro POA Enquire
410130 Film direct transfer for printer for FlexiPump Pro (562000) POA Enquire
410150 Thermal Transfer printer for FlexiPump Pro (562000) POA Enquire

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