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KERN Advanced Compound Binocular Microscope

Product Details

The KERN OBF model is an excellent, stable laboratory microscopes for all common routine applications. Through the simple Köhler lighting, the adjustable field diaphragm and a pre-centred and height-adjustable Abbe condenser with adjustable aperture diaphragm, these microscopes produce superb images in both the light and dark field.

As standard, these microscopes, depending on the model, are fitted with wide-field eyepieces, achromatic, plan-achromatic or infinitely corrected E-Plan lenses. These binocular microscopes are fitted with a dioptre compensation. A trinocular head is available as an option so that you can connect a camera.

A revolving unit for up to 4 lenses and a large specimen stage are included with delivery as standard. The following optional accessory items are available: Various eyepieces, lenses, a complete polarisation kit, a phase-contrast unit as well as complete HBO and LED fluorescence kits etc. The light is provided by a 20 Watt halogen lighting unit or by a 3 Watt LED version as an alternative. A central feature of this adaptable, robust microscope range is the stable mechanism which can be adjusted precisely.

  • Eyepieces: WF 10x18mm / WF 10×20 mm
  • Objectives: 4x / 10x / 40x / 100x
  • Overall dimensions (WxDxH) 394x185x377 mm
  • Net weight approx. 6,5 kg


Technical Specifications

  Equip Order Number
Eyepieces WF 10x / Ø 18 mm Standard OBB-A1347
WF 16x / Ø 13 mm Optional OBB-A1354
WF 10x / Ø 18 mm (reticule 0,1 mm) (non-adjustable) Optional OBB-A1349
WF 10x / Ø 18 mm (reticule 0,1 mm) (adjustable) Optional OBB-A1350
WF 10x / Ø 20 mm (reticule 0,1 mm) (adjustable) Optional OBB-A1352
Achromaticobjectives 4x / 0,10 Standard OBB-A1111
10x / 0,25 Standard OBB-A1108
40x / 0,65 (spring) Standard OBB-A1112
100x / 1,25 (oil) (spring) Standard OBB-A1109
20x / 0,40 Optional OBB-A1110
60x / 0,80 (spring) Optional OBB-A1113
Binocular tube
  •  Siedentopf, 30° inclined, 360° rotatable
  •  Interpupillary distance: 50 – 75 mm (for non-infinity system)
  •  With diopter adjustment (one-sided)
Standard OBB-A1129
Trinocular tube
  •  Siedentopf, 30° inclined, 360° rotatable
  •  Interpupillary distance: 50 – 75 mm

Light distribution: 20:80 (for non-infinity system)

  •  With diopter adjustment (one-sided)
Optional OBB-A1345
Nosepiece Quadplex Standard  
Mechanical stage
  •  Stage size: WxD 145×140 mm
  •  Travel: 76×52 mm
  •  Coaxial coarse and fine focusing knobs, scale: 2 µm
  •  Two slide holder
Condenser Abbe N.A. 1,25 precentered (aperture diaphragm) Standard OBB-A1103
Illumination 6V / 20W Halogen (transmitting) Standard OBB-A1204
Field diaphragm Field diaphragm Standard  
Darkfield unit N.A. 0,9 (Dry)
Usable for 4x – 40x objectives
Optional OBB-A1149
Polarising unit Analyser / Polariser Optional OBB-A1277
Fluorescence unit 100W HBO Epi Fluorescence unit, three-hole slide (B / G)
including centering objective
Optional OBB-A1154
3W LED Epi Fluorescence unit, three-hole slide (B / G)
including centering objective
Optional OBB-A1157
Filter Standard Standard OBB-A1178
Green Optional OBB-A1194
Yellow Optional OBB-A1203
C-Mount 0,47x (focus adjustable) Optional OBB-A1135
1x Optional OBB-A1142


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