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Kern Moisture Analyser DLT

Product Details

High-end moisture analyser with touch-sensitive tablet and innovative Android® operating system

  • Innovative touchscreen: Touch-sensitive, backlit LCD touch tablet with very good contrast for easy operation and convenient reading
  • Clear menu structure with plain text captions on the display.
  • The menu and processes are self-explanatory. This reduces training times, avoids operating errors and in this way, ensures a more efficient functionality
  • High mobility thanks to tablet operation, data is available anytime, anywhere
  • High-performance Android® operating system
  • Colour LCD Display, digit height mm, screen diagonal 7'' (approx. 178 mm), all information at a glance:
  1. Drying process active
  2. Status information, available for display
  3. Current moisture content in %
  4. Current temperature
  5. Android®-specific navigation elements
  6. Drying rate
  7. Switch off mode
  8. Drying type Standard
  9. Target temperature
  10. Current display and print-out of moisture-%
  11. Graphic display of the drying curve shows the progress of the drying process in real time and can be used by the operator to check and evaluate the result
  12. Practical weighing assistance to arrive at a defined target value [g] with an adjustable tolerance range of 1 – 25 % of the target value
  13. Memory for automatic run of 300 complete drying processes (12 free digits per memory) and 100 drying processes already executed, which can be called up individually
  • Lots of memory for your applications, so this tablet can become your personal control centre
  • Halogen quartz glass heater 400 W
  • 10 sample plates included
  • Wireless connection to a Bluetooth printer allows for the printing of weighing data and drying curves for archiving purposes


Technical Specifications

Readout [d] 0,001 g | 0,01 %
Weighing range [Max] 160 g
Reproducibility, weight of sample 10 g 0,001 g
Display after drying (Display switchable at all times)
Moisture [%] = Moisture content (M) from wet weight 0–100 %
Dry content [%] = Dry weight (D) from (W) 100–0 %
ATRO [%] [(W-D):D] · 100% 0–999 %
Residual weight (M) Absolute value in [g]
Temperature range 35 °C–160 °C in steps of 1 °C
Drying modes Standard drying - Gradual drying - Gentle drying - Rapid drying
Switch off criteria

Automatic unrestricted switch off (selectable loss in weight 0,1–10 % or 1–60 mg, selectable time 1–99 s)

• Time controlled switch off (1 min–99 min)

• Manual switch off at the press of a button

Log output At the end of the drying process, manual or automatic (only in connection with printer KERN YKC-01)
Dimensions Moisture analyser WxDxH 210x340x225 mm
Dimensions Tablet WxDxH 195x120x10 mm
Net weight 5,2 kg
Option DAkkS Calibration Certificate 963-127


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