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LAUDA Bubble Pressure Tensiometer MPT C

Product Details

A further bubble pressure tensiometer has been added to the family of LAUDA tensiometers in the form of the new MPT C. With the little brother to the PC-controlled MPT 2 tensiometer – which has established itself in the field of scientific research – the final step has been taken for the full automation of dynamic surface tension measuring.

Special Features of the LAUDA Bubble Pressure Tensiometer MPT C

Ultimate user-friendliness is achieved without having to take a detour via the PC. The extremely compact ”stand alone” device offers all the necessary features for the simple measurement of surface tensions in the laboratory or as a mobile device.

The measurements are precise and reproducible, yet time-consuming settings can be presented, stored and transferred to a PC at the touch of a button. Like the computer-controlled MPT 2, the measuring method according to Fainerman also guarantees exact surface tensions of even extremely small surface ages and the accompanying ”real” bubble age.

The control offers the user two measuring procedures. In the first mode, the bubble frequency is reduced in stages, whereby a specified flow area is gradually passed through in order to clearly determine and represent the dependency of the dynamic surface tension from the surface age.

The flow is re-adjusted at every single measuring point and is identified as measured value. The evaluation of the measurements and the necessary correction, such as for calculating the dead time, is carried out on a scientifically-founded base.

In the ”constant flow” mode, the bubble frequency and, thus, the surface age, is kept constant in order to document any changes in the surfactant concentration, e.g. in the course of reactions.

Various areas of application

Thanks to the self-explanatory user guidance, the simple cleaning of the capillaries as well as the compact structure of the unit, the unit is especially suitable for the quality control of dynamically-critical surfactant solutions or for the fast determination of a surfactant in concentrations above the critical micelle concentration. Its robustness, user-friendliness as well as its high degree of precision predestines the MPT C for the use in quality control, for example. Measurements are carried out completely independently by the user and documented along with the necessary settings, thus complying with the strict specifications of the GLP guidelines.

Example: optimisation of the surfactant dosage:

It is only by measuring the surface tension of extremely short-lived surfaces that the surfactant content can also be determined above the critical micelle concentration and be optimised directly in the process or a dosage formula be created from it.

Technical Specifications

Technical data of the MPT C    
Measured value   Dynamic surface tension, Fainerman method
Measuring modes   Constant flow, phased flow changes, quick scan
Resolution mN/m             0.1
Measuring range of surface tension mN/m 10 - 100
Dynamic range ms 1 - 2.000
Monitoring modus “constant flow“ min. 1- 60 and more
Temperature range (sample) ° C 5 - 85
Temperature measurement   Digital (optional)
Resolution ° C 0.1
Precision ° C ± 0.5
Display size/type mm 320 x 240 graphic display, 11 x 40 characters
Modes of display   Tabular, graphic: surface tension as a function of thesurface age (t, Log t)
Selection of measuring mode   Menu-controlled
Parameter input   Menu-controlled
Sample description   Numerical
Measuring point density mode “constant flow“ s Selectable
Measurement value   Max. 50 results with date and time
Duration of experiment min. 3 - 20 (depending on the measuring point density)
Interfaces   RS 232
Documentation   Printer, PC (optional)
Software for data transmission   For PC running WINDOWS 95 and higher (optional)
Weight kg Approx. 4.0
Power consumption W 0.01
Size of the measuring console (BxDxH) mm 300 x 300 x 300
Power supply V External power supply, 90 - 264


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