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Lauda Ring/Plate Tensiometer TD3

Product Details

For standard-compliant measurements

LAUDA TD 3, the successor to TD 2, comes with a new design and new technical features, some of which are unique. As such, e.g. the world’s smallest thermostat, the LAUDA PTT Peltier thermostating unit, is easy to insert into the device. The temperature of the measuring samples can be set from 5 to 80 °C extremely quickly, conveniently and with the smallest space requirement. The TD 3 determines the interfacial/surface properties of organic and inorganic liquids (liquid/liquid or liquid/gaseous), dispersions, emulsions including for the development of surface active substances such as surfactants and emulsifiers and as evidence of these in sewage and bodies of water.

LAUDA TD 3 for standard-compliant measurements
EN 14210 · EN 14370 · ASTM D971 · ISO 304 ·
ISO 4311 · ASTM D1331 · ISO 6295 · ISO 1409

Standard accessories:
Du Noüy (2-legged) measuring ring · 500 mg calibration weight · plunger body (glass) · tweezers · set of sample beakers (10) · plastic case

Recommended accessories:
PTT (Peltier thermostating unit with stirring function) · Du Noüy
measuring ring (4-legged) · Wilhelmy measuring plate · 500 mg calibration weight with DKD certificate · set of sample beakers (10) · dot matrix printer · data transfer software for PC

Technical Specifications

 Measuring range surface and interfacial tension  mN/m  0…300 (ring method); 0…999 (plate method); resolution: 0.01
 Density measurement  kg/m3  0…2000; resolution: 1
 Weight measurement  mg  0…5000; resolution: 0.1
 Measuring mode
selection/parameter input
 Measuring point interval  Minute  0…120, selectable
 Measurement memory  Results  max. 500, with date and time
 Ring correction    Automatic based on Zuidema and Waters
 Stability criterion Standard deviation over option of 3…9 measurements
 Temperature range (PTT)  °C  5…80 (±0.1)
 Magnetic stirrer  Integrated into the PTT, adjustable (10 levels)
 Stage movement  mm/s  0.1…1 (10 levels)
 Interface  RS 232, Command remote control
 Control and evaluation  Command remote control (control, display, documented data storage)
 Ambient temperature range  °C  10…40
 Power consumption  W  10
 Dimensions (WxDxH)  mm  245x205x335
 Weight  kg  9.5
 Cat. No. 90…240 V; 50/60 Hz    LMT 850 incl. power supply unit


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