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LEEC CO2 Incubators Research Range

Product Details

LEEC Research and standard CO2 incubators set advanced standards in performance and freedom from contamination. The two Research models have the added benefit of a high temperature decontamination facility (95°C).

  • Advanced microprocessor control system
  • Infrared CO2 detector
  • Soft touch control panel
  • Bright LED displays for temperature and CO2
  • Comprehensive alarm system
  • Built in cooling coil for use with an external LEEC cooler unit
  • 95°C decontamination facility (GA2000 and GA3000)
  • CO2 HEPA filter
  • Heated inner door(s)
  • 150 or 320 litre chamber capacities
  • Stainless steel shelves


The specially developed microprocessor controller gives the user day to day control over all alarm settings, alarm delay and calibration adjustment. These settings are protected by an anti-tampering procedure. Sensors placed within key areas of the chamber constantly monitor and enable the control system to optimise temperature and CO2 levels. After door opening, the culture conditions quickly recover without overshooting, and stable control is maintained. Profiled heating, a technique developed by LEEC, eliminates all risk of "hot-spots".

LEEC GA CO2 incubators (regardless of age) can become cooled CO2 incubators when connected to a LEEC self contained recirculating cooler unit.


All models have fan assisted uni-directional airflow in the chamber, an in-line HEPA filter and an ultra smooth stainless steel chamber with rounded corners. Indirectly heated inner glass door(s) remain condensation free. These features all help to reduce the risk of contamination. The two Research models (GA2000 and GA3000) also have a high temperature decontamination facility (95°C) which is operated by a key. User experience has shown high temperature to be especially effective in eliminating culture contamination.


The LEEC designed multi-function microprocessor control system combined with fan assisted airflow ensures that temperature and CO2 stabilities (typically <±0.2°C and <±0.2%) are maintained to the tightest tolerances in order to give optimum "in-vivo" simulation.

Technical Specifications





Temperature Range  ta(1) to +60°C  ta(1) to +60°C 
Control <±0.1°at+37°C <±0.1°at+37°C
Variation <±0.2° at +37°C <±0.2° at +37°C
Recovery Typically < 6 minutes Typically < 6 minutes
Sensor LEEC semiconductor LEEC semiconductor
CO² Range 0 to 20%  0 to 20% 
Control <±0.2% at 5% <±0.2% at 5%
Recovery Typically 3 minutes Typically 3 minutes
Sensor LEEC tc LEEC tc
RH Range  All models - ambient or 95 - 98% by forced evaporation
Construction Stainless steel chamber (316). Powder coated white painted stainless steel outer cabinet. Indirectly heated inner door. Slow speed fan circulation. CFC free insulation.

High/low temperature

High/low CO2 

Time delay

Remote connections

High Temperature Decontamination Facility Standard N/A

Electrical supply: 220/240v, 50/60Hz. Others to special order. Warranty: Two years comprehensive warranty, workmanship, parts and labour (UK).
ta(1) = at least 5°C above ambient. Temperatures down to +20°C, using recirculating cooler, or lower with special cooling coil.

Model Capacity External - mm Internal - mm  Shelves  Weight  Power Rating
GA2000 150Litres 880h x 635w x660d 600hx510w x500d 4 adjustable  85kg  250w
GA2010 150 litres 880h x 635w x660d 600hx510w x500d 4 adjustable  85kg 250w
GA3000 320 litres 1550hx635w x660d 1275hx510w xSOOd 6 adjustable  135kg 350w
GA3010 320 litres 1550hx635w x660d 1275hx510w xSOOd 6 adjustable  135kg 350w


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GA2010 LEEC Co2 Incubator, 150 Litres, fan assisted model POA Enquire
GA2000 LEEC Research CO2 Incubator, 150 litres, fan assisted Research model with 95°C decontamination POA Enquire
GA3010 LEEC Co2 Incubator, 320 Litres fan assisted model POA Enquire
GA3000 LEEC Research CO2 Incubator, 320 Litres, fan assisted Research model with 95°C Decontamination POA Enquire

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