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Centrifuge Tubes

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We supply a complete range of centrifuge tubes from 19µl capillary tubes to 1000ml bottles in a range of flat, round and conical bottom designs.

Centrifuge tubes are essential lab equipment for the isolation, stratification or separation of samples at high speeds. All our items are of a high quality but you should never overfill your centrifuge tubes to enure leakage does not occur. We have many different tubes to choose from to fit your exact needs and centrifuge. 

Many of our bottles are also available in a range of materials such as glass, polypropylene, polycarbonate, stainless steel and many more.

Our range also includes specialist centrifuge tubes such as those found in oil testing, custom adapters for fitting small tubes into larger rotors and even anaerobic culture tubes. Whatever you need to use your centrifuge for, we have centrifuge tubes to suit.

We supply a full range of quality centrifuge tubes, so if you cannot find a model or feature that you require please call our Sales Team on 01939 234 222 or contact us below.

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