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Sigma Superspeed Centrifuges

Sigma Superspeed Centrifuges

Sigma Superspeed Centrifuges have been developed to offer the best possible performance, despite their compact size. These benchtop centrifuges can be used for everything from medical research and pharmaceuticals to biotechnology. Sigma Superspeed models offer unparalleled power and versatility in a quiet and reliable package.

The Sigma 3-18K centrifuge is a high speed version of the Sigma 3-16K achieving up to 30,000g. The superspeed Sigma 3K30 centrifuge bridges the gap between standard benchtop centrifuges and mega-speed ultra centrifuges. The 3K30 centrifuge has a top speed of 30,000rpm and can generate up to 64,000g.

ISO 9001 ISO 14001

Certified to ISO9001 & ISO14001