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GyroStir 280°C Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

Product Details

We supply a range of our own brand laboratory hotplate magnetic stirrers that offer fantastic value for money and unparalleled performance within the price range. The GyroStir 280H is our entry level hotplate magnetic stirrer, yet this compact and affordable unit offers the same market leading technology and unparalleled performance as our larger hotplate stirrers. The small case still supports the same 5” plate as the GyroStir 340H with the added bonus of a highly resistant ceramic coating, making this a perfect choice for any bio-tech or chemical laboratory where space is a premium. This hotplate stirrer has an in-built plate temperature sensor.

An optional temperature probe is also available to order (SP2202) for precise measurement of the sample.

GyroStir 280H Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

  • Heating temperature up to 280°C
  • Stainless steel with ceramic coated hotplate for high chemical resistance
  • Speed Range 100-1500rpm
  • Built-in plate temperature probe
  • External temperature sensor (PT1000) increases accuracy to ±0.5°C (supplied separately)
  • LED display of temperature and speed.
  • 50℃ HOT warning indicator for added safety (the indicator will still operate even after the unit is switched off).
  • ABS casing with fire retardant material, resistant to weak acid and alkali
  • 2 year warranty.

Technical Specifications

Model GyroStir 280H
Part number SP2230-280H
Number of positions 1
Max plate Temp 280oC
Plate size (Diameter) 135mm
Max H2O 3L
Plate material Ceramic
Display LED
Control Digital
Additional External probe PT1000 (supplied separately - SP2202)
Connectivity None
Max Length Stirrer Bar 50mm
Heat output 500W
Hot warning indication >50 oC
Control accuracy with external probe ±0.5 oC
Dimensions DxWxH 260x150x80mm
Cold room / incubator safe Yes
Ingress protection rating IP21

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Buying Options

Product Code Description List Price Offer Price Stock Quantity
SP2230-280H SciQuip Gyrostir 280 Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer - 280°C £275.00


Product Code Description List Price Offer Price Stock Quantity
SP-MSBAR10 SciQuip Stirrer bar (10mm x 6mm) £2.00 £1.10
SP-MSBAR15 SciQuip Stirrer bar (15mm x 8mm) £2.00 £1.10
SP-MSBAR20 SciQuip Stirrer bar (20mm x 8mm) £3.00 £1.80
SP-MSBAR25 SciQuip Stirrer bar (25mm x 8mm) £3.00 £1.80
SP-MSBAR30 SciQuip Stirrer bar (30mm x 6mm) £3.00 £1.80
SP-MSBAR40 SciQuip Stirrer bar (40mm x 8mm) £4.00 £2.50
SP-MSBAR50 SciQuip Stirrer bar (50mm x 8mm) £4.00 £2.50
SP-MARRM SciQuip Stirrer bar remover, length of 200mm £38.00 £28.00
SP2202 SciQuip Temperature sensor for digital hotplate model £79.00 £53.00
SP2204 Support Clamp for temp sensor - Suitable for 280H Only £82.00 £32.00
SP-135.1 SciQuip Carrier Plate - Blue £86.00 £53.00
SP-135.2 SciQuip Thermo Block 11 holes, 20mm Red £61.00 £37.00
SP-135.3 SciQuip Thermo Block 4 holes, 24mm Purple £50.00 £30.50
SP-135.4 SciQuip Thermo Block 4 holes, 30mm Blue £54.00 £33.00
SP-135.5 SciQuip Thermo Block 4 holes, 43mm Blue £59.00 £35.75
SP-135.6 SciQuip Thermo Block 6 holes, 26mm Green £59.00 £35.00
SP-135.7 SciQuip Thermo Block 4 holes, 37.1mm Golden £55.00 £33.25
SP-135.8 SciQuip Fixed Ring - Blue £86.00 £52.75
SP-136.1 SciQuip Reaction Block 50ml (one flask capacity) £101.00 £61.50
SP-136.2 SciQuip Reaction Block 100ml (one flask capacity) £105.00 £64.00
SP-136.3 SciQuip Reaction Block 250ml (one flask capacity) £115.00 £70.25
SP-136.4 SciQuip Reaction Block 500ml (one flask capacity) £121.00 £74.00
SP-136.5 SciQuip Reaction Block 1000ml (one flask capacity) £160.00 £93.00
SP-136.6 SciQuip Reaction Block 2000ml (one flask capacity) £192.00 £145.00

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