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Vortex Mixers

Product Details

The SciQuip Laboratory Vortex Mixers offer fantastic value for money and outstanding quality. Torque sensors keep a constant speed regardless of load, ensuring perfect vortexing within the vessel. A heavily weighted base and sophisticated silicone damping keep noise and vibration to an absolute minimum. The fixed vortex mixer is set to 2500 rpm, perfect for the vast majority of applications.

  • Vortex shakers with compact design
  • Touch or continuous operation
  • Wide speed range 0 - 2,500rpm (VariMix) 2,500rpm (fixMix)
  • Multiple applications with additional accessories, microtubes, test tubes, microplates
  • Robust case with specially designed silicone feet to absorb vibration at high speeds
  • Heavy base with ultra high vibration damping
  • Torque control, ensuring constant speed even through changing loads.
  • 4mm orbit diameter (VariMix) 4mm (FixMix)

Please Note: If any of the adapters are required then (SP2260-VT1.3) Universal attachment plate will be required

Technical Specifications

Model Vari-Mix Fix-Mix
 Shaking movement  Orbital Orbital
 Orbital diameter (mm) 4 4
 Speed range (rpm) 0 – 2,500 (vari-mix) 2,500 (fix-mix)
 Operation  Touch or Continuous
 Dimensions (w x d x h, mm)  127 x 130 x 160 127 x 130 x 160
 Weight (kg)  3.5 3.5
 Voltage (V)  200 – 240 100-240
 Frequency (Hz)  50/60 50/60
 Permissible ambient temperature (°C)  5 – 40°C 5-40°C
 Permissible relative humidity (%)  80% 80%


Customer Reviews

Fixed Speed Votex Mixer Review by L. Holden
I bought this model for shaking small bottles of E-Liquid during the steeping process and I am delighted with it. It is very well made and robust and I expect it to give me good service for many years to come. The platform provided will fit a standard 10ml bottle but I have purchased a separate 99mm platform for larger bottles. This company has been extremely
helpful and honest with answering my questions and I can wholeheartedly recommend them.

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Buying Options

Product Code Description List Price Offer Price Stock Quantity
SP2260-FM SciQuip Vortex Mixer (fixed speed) £170.00
(£204.00 Inc VAT)
(£96.00 Inc VAT)
SP2260-VM SciQuip Vortex Mixer (adjustable speed) £199.00
(£238.80 Inc VAT)
(£100.80 Inc VAT)


Product Code Description List Price Offer Price Stock Quantity
SP2260-VT1.1 Standard Touch Pad (included with machine) £7.56
(£9.07 Inc VAT)
(£5.83 Inc VAT)
SP2260-VT1.2 Tube Holding Rod, used with VT1.3.1 to VT1.3.5 £43.20
(£51.84 Inc VAT)
(£41.47 Inc VAT)
SP2260-VT1.3 Universal attachment plate for tube holders £21.60
(£25.92 Inc VAT)
(£12.96 Inc VAT)
SP2260-VT1.3.1 Tube adapter, for 48 holes test tubes, Ø6mm (0.5ml) £21.60
(£25.92 Inc VAT)
(£12.96 Inc VAT)
SP2260-VT1.3.2 Tube adapter, for 15 holes test tubes, Ø10mm (1.5-2.0ml) £21.60
(£25.92 Inc VAT)
(£12.96 Inc VAT)
SP2260-VT1.3.3 Tube adapter, for 12 holes test tubes, Ø12mm (2-7ml) £21.60
(£25.92 Inc VAT)
(£12.96 Inc VAT)
SP2260-VT1.3.4 Tube adapter, for 8 holes test tubes, Ø16mm (4-15ml) £21.60
(£25.92 Inc VAT)
(£12.96 Inc VAT)
SP2260-VT1.3.5 Tube adapter, for 8 holes test tubes, Ø20mm (20ml) £21.60
(£25.92 Inc VAT)
(£12.96 Inc VAT)
SP2260-VT1.3.6 SciQuip Platform pad, for <Ø99mm tubes and small vessels £5.40
(£6.48 Inc VAT)
(£4.21 Inc VAT)
SP2260-VT1.3.7 SciQuip Rubber Vacuum suction foot with screw, 1pc £2.16
(£2.59 Inc VAT)
(£2.27 Inc VAT)

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