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Proline Heating Thermostats With Command Control Head up to 53 Litres

Product Details

Lauda’s Proline recirculating heated water baths offer great value for money, exceptional accuracy and are very compact for this level of circulated heating water bath. In order to enhance ease of use even further, P 26 C, P 40 C and P 50 C heating thermostats with large baths are also available with the Command control head which allows complex thermostating functions, particularly those with internal thermostating processes, to be easily mastered with the aid of an intuitive operation guidance system and the ability to edit programs rapidly. A circulation chamber on the P 40 and P 50 ensures good mixing in the bath and thus guarantees good temperature homogeneity, despite the large bath vessel.

Temperature range 30...300 °C

Standard accessories Bath cover, · 2 nipples and 4 closing plugs for pump connections · 2 nipples for cooling coil

Recommended accessories Automatic filling device · bath cover · through-flow cooler · reverse flow protection · tubes · solenoid valve for cooling water control · high-temperature cooler (water) · rising platform · Optional modules: analogue, RS 232/485, contact, Profibus module.

Technical Specifications


     height:510mm  height:766mm  height:510mm
 Model    P 26 C  P 40 C  P 50 C
 Working temperature range  °C  30...300  30...300*  30...300*
 Temperature stability  ±K  0.01  0.01  0.01
 Heater power  kW  3.5  3.5  3.5
 Pump pressure max.  bar  0.7  0.7  0.7
 Pump suction max.  bar  0.4  0.4  0.4
 Pump flow (pressure) max.  L/min  25  25  25
 Pump flow (suction) max.  L/min  23  23  23
 Bath volume  L  18...27  30...37  35...53
 Bath opening/Bath depth  mm  300x350/200  250x250/450  300x750/200
 Cat. No. 230 V; 50/60 Hz    LCB 0715  LCB 0729  LCB 0731

* max. temperature only achieved with closed bath cover.


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