Quality Policy Statement

It is our policy to continually pursue a professional value added concept and maintain efficient and effective operational control within the business.

The company has established a good reputation for responsible practices and is dedicated to offering the highest standards of customer excellence, and recognise the importance of meeting statutory regulatory requirements.

SciQuip will achieve the highest quality standards expected from customers by developing positive attitudes throughout operations and continually evolve the Quality System and Objectives, committing to continuous improvements to ensure the quality management system is effective.

We believe that the key elements essential in achieving our performance objectives that derive from this policy are delivering quality products and service that meets customer requirements, continual communication and the promotion of the highest standards throughout our operational activities.

SciQuip is committed to this policy and convinced it will lead to increased standards and accomplishments within the business.

All staff are aware of their responsibilities and committed to its future success.


Matt Brooksbank
Managing Director

Issue Date: 26th November 2014

 Policy Review Date: 16th November 2016

Issue Level 2

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