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The SciQuip laboratory benchtop 3D shakers create a perfectly smooth circular tilting motion within culture flasks and petri dishes. Both units are fitted with quiet, powerful and maintenance free DC motors and are a reliable and robust solution for any laboratory. The range covers the following key features:

  • Run Timer (Pro only)
  • Soft start with smooth acceleration
  • Wide speed range for a variety of applications
  • Supplied with grip mat platform
  • Cold room and incubator compatible
  • IP21 rated
  • 2 year warranty

Technical Specifications

  3D (Basic) 3D (Pro)
Order Number  SP2258  SP2254
Shaking movement 3D Orbiting 3D Orbiting
Tilting angle
Max. load 3.0kg 5.0kg
Speed range 0-80 10-70
Display No LCD
Control Analogue Digital
Timer No Yes
Time setting range --- 1min-20h
Dimensions (WxHxD) 270x130x330mm 360x106x430mm
Weight 2.7 9
Power 20W 50W
Platform Fitted as standard Universal Grip Mat Universal Grip Mat
Other platforms available Yes Yes

Available Platform

Order Number Description Suitable for Image
SP2250-SK180.1 Universal Roller Bar Platform 3D Basic SP2250-SK180.1
SP2250-SK330.1 Universal Roller Bar Platform 3D Pro SP2250-SK330.1
SP2250-SK180.2 Clamp Platform (bare) 3D Basic SP2250-SK180.2 & SP2250-SK330.2
SP2250-SK330.2 Clamp Platform (bare) 3D Pro SP2250-SK180.2 & SP2250-SK330.2
SP2250-SK180.3 Lengthways Roller Bar Platform 3D Basic SP2250-SK180.3
SP2250-SK330.3 Lengthways Roller Bar Platform 3D Pro SP2250-SK330.3
SP2250-SK180.4 Grip Mat Platform 3D Basic SP2250-SK180.4
SP2250-SK330.5 Grip Mat Platform 3D Pro SP2250-SK330.5

Flash Clamp Capacities

  3D Basic 3D Pro
50ml 18 28
100ml 18 28
250ml 5 13
500ml 5 9
1000ml - -

Flask Clamps

Part Number For Flask Size Suitable for
SP2251-25 25ml Platforms SP2250-SK180.2 and SP2250-SK330.2
SP2251-50 50ml Platforms SP2250-SK180.2 and SP2250-SK330.2
SP2251-100 100ml Platforms SP2250-SK180.2 and SP2250-SK330.2
SP2251-250 200/250ml Platforms SP2250-SK180.2 and SP2250-SK330.2
SP2251-500 500ml Platforms SP2250-SK180.2 and SP2250-SK330.2


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Buying Options

Product Code Description List Price Offer Price Stock Quantity
SP2258 SciQuip 3D Shaker Basic £450.00 £190.00
SP2254 SciQuip 3D Shaker Pro £895.00 £595.00


Product Code Description List Price Offer Price Stock Quantity
SP2250-SK330.5 SciQuip Dish platform with non-slip mat and fixed string (8 pcs) £124.00 £62.00
SP2250-SK180.3 SciQuip Lengthways roller attachment £124.00 £62.00
SP2250-SK330.1 Universal Attachment with 4 bars £148.00 £74.00
SP2251-250 SciQuip Fixing clip for flask volume 200/250 ml £22.00 £12.50
SP2251-25 SciQuip Fixing clip for flask volume 25 ml £12.00 £6.45
SP2250-SK330.3 SciQuip Lengthways roller attachment £148.00 £74.00
SP2250-SK180.2 SciQuip Fixing clip attachment £62.00 £32.00
SP2251-500 SciQuip Fixing clip for flask volume 500 ml £22.00 £12.50
SP2251-50 SciQuip Fixing clip for flask volume 50 ml £12.00 £6.45
SP2250-SK180.4 SciQuip Dish Attachment with non-slip mat £112.00 £56.00
SP2250-SK330.2 SciQuip Fixing clip attachment £86.00 £44.00
SP2250-SK180.1 Universal Attachment with 3 Bars £124.00 £62.00
SP2251-100 SciQuip Fixing clip for flask volume 100 ml £12.00 £6.45

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