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SciQuip Fan Assisted Ovens S-Series

Product Details

  • Oven Capacity 30ltr – 230ltr
  • Temp up to 200°C and 300°C on high temperature ovens (HT-Series)
  • Fully programmable
  • Fan-assisted for excellent temp uniformity
  • Audible & visual alarms
  • Password protection
  • Large LCD screen
  • Separate overheat safety protection
  • Oven chamber viewing window 

SciQuip fan assisted drying ovens have been designed to suit all drying applications including aging, bonding, curing, drying glassware, baking, sterilizing, heat treating, annealing, stress relieving and stability testing. The standard S-series provide temperatures up to 200°C, while the high temperature HT-series go to 300°C. The SciQuip laboratory oven controllers can store up to 9 programs of 18 steps, which can be set for multiple ramp/soak cycles or for running one temperature and switching automatically to another for a given time. Each heating program can be made to repeat from 1 to 99 times automatically.

The SciQuip fan assisted laboratory ovens were designed to provide accurate temperature uniformity with no overshoot, the microprocessor achieves precise environmental control and features the advantage of rapid recovery after door opening.

All parameters are displayed in the large LCD screen for fast easy read-out. All SciQuip Circulated Ovens leave the factory having undergone a 5 point temperature calibration at our laboratory, not just for accuracy of measured temperature (observed with one probe in the center of the chamber), but also for temperature uniformity (measured with a probe in each of the 4 corners, too), to ensure that the oven chamber is as homogenous as possible.

Technical Specifications

Model Oven-30S
Oven-55S Oven-110S Oven-210S
Capacity Ltrs 30 55 110 210
Max Temperature (°C)


200 200 200
Temperature set division (°C) +/-0.5 +/-0.5 +/-0.5 +/-0.5
Temperature uniformity (°C) +/- 1 C +/- 1 C +/- 1 C +/- 1 C
Timer (mins) 99, continuous 99, continuous 99, continuous 99, continuous
Shelves supplied 2 2 2 2
Max shelves 4 4 8 8
Inner dimensions (mm) 300x300x340 330x360x450 420x400x650 500x550x750
Outer dimensions (mm) 490x430x720 520x490x830 610x530x1030 690x680x1130
Packed dimensions (mm) 610x550x890 640x610x1000 730x650x1200 810x800x1390
Weight (kg) 40 50 61 98
Base Feet Feet Feet Castor Wheels
Power V/Hz 220-230 50/60 220-23050/60 220-230 50/60 220-230 50/60
Warranty 2yrs 2yrs 2yrs 2yrs

* Dimensions quoted are Width x Depth x Height Additional Shelves for ovens/incubators.

Additional Shelves for ovens/incubators.

Cat No. Description
SQ-4601 Additional shelf for 30ltr, 50ltr, 55ltr, 80ltr & 90ltrs ovens/incubators
SQ-4602 Additional shelf for 110ltr, 120ltr, 140ltr & 160ltr ovens/incubators
SQ-4603 Additional shelf for 210ltr, 230ltr, 250ltr & 270ltr ovens/incubators
SQ-4604 Additional shelf for 430ltr ovens/incubators


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Buying Options

Product Code Description List Price Offer Price Quantity
SQ-4840 SciQuip Oven-30S £1,300.00 £775.00
SQ-4845 SciQuip Oven-55S £1,428.00 £850.00
SQ-4850 SciQuip Oven-110S £1,731.00 £1,035.00
SQ-4855 SciQuip Oven-210S £2,296.00 £1,395.00


Product Code Description List Price Offer Price Quantity
SQ-4601 SciQuip Additional Shelf for Oven 30S £50.00 £33.00
SQ-4601-2 SciQuip Additional Shelf for Oven 55S £50.00 £33.00
SQ-4602 SciQuip Additional Shelf for Oven 110S £65.00 £44.00
SQ-4603 SciQuip Additional Shelf for Oven 210S £125.00 £85.25

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