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SciQuip pH Electrodes

Product Details

SciQuip's British made pH electrodes are of the highest quality demanded by laboratories and mobile water quality researchers. Our range covers standard bulb probes, flat probes and test tube electrodes in scale ranges covering applications for pure water, rain water, aquaculture, oil, food, bio-fuel and many more routine lab processes.

For full specifications on every available probe, please see the PDF in the downloads section.

Technical Specifications



Please see the data download for each products specification.

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Buying Options

Product Code Description List Price Offer Price Stock Quantity
SQ-8000 P11 General purpose pH electrode, Round glass bulb £199.00 £145.00
SQ-8001 P11-ROD General purpose pH electrode, Rod-type glass bulb £199.00 £145.00
SQ-8002 P11-DJ/LiCL Electrode - Suitable for measuring the emulsions, oils, liquors and non-aqueous samples £439.00 £319.00
SQ-8003 P11-HA electrode - Suitable for measurement of photographic processing solutions £310.00 £225.00
SQ-8004 P11-NA electrode - Suitable for biofuel measurements or pH non aqueous titrations. £439.00 £319.00
SQ-8005 P11-PB - General purpose pH electrode with protective guard £274.00 £198.00
SQ-8006 P11-DW electrode - Suitable for measuring the low ionic strength samples £504.00 £366.00
SQ-8007 P12 electrode - Suitable for measuring the samples in the test tubes £274.00 £198.00
SQ-8008 P13 electrode - Suitable for measurements of micro-volume samples £285.00 £206.00
SQ-8009 P14 General purpose pH electrode, plastic shell £205.00 £149.00
SQ-8010 P15 electrode -Suitable for measurements of low conductivity liquids £439.00 £319.00
SQ-8011 P16 electrode -Suitable for measuring the Tris buffers £439.00 £319.00
SQ-8012 P17 electrode - Flat surface pH electrode, Suitable for measuring the fruits, skin, etc £439.00 £319.00
SQ-8013 P18 electrode - Suitable for measurement of slurries £292.00 £212.00
SQ-8014 P19 electrode - Suitable for measuring the semi-solid substances £328.00 £239.00
SQ-8015 P20 General purpose pH electrode with temperature sensor £301.00 £220.00
SQ-8016 P21 electrode - Suitable for measuring the colloids or low conductivity samples £418.00 £305.00
SQ-8017 P22 electrode - Suitable for measurement of high temperature liquids £511.00 £372.00

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