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Sigma 3-16KL Refrigerated Laboratory Centrifuge (230V 50+60Hz)

Product Details

The Sigma 3-16K Refrigerated Centrifuge is a very versatile laboratory centrifuge with the ability to take high capacities in swing-out and also run high g-force in fixed angle. There is a very wide range of adapters for all common laboratory tubes making the Sigma 3-16 cooled centrifuge suitable for many laboratory applications.

  • Refrigerated table top centrifuge, for universal use in the laboratory.
  • For capacities from 4 x 250 ml up to reactions vials.
  • Able to pre-cool the instruments during standstill.
  • New simple and fully programmable controller
  • Speed range 100 to 15 300 rpm.
  • Extremely smooth running even at maximum speed.
  • Automatic rotor identification prevents rotors from over-speeding.
  • Product according to national and international safety regulations (IEC 1010).

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications for the Sigma 3-16K Laboratory Centrifuge


 Power supply

 230 V / 50 Hz

 Power consumption drive

 460 Watt

 Power consumption refrig.

 550 Watt

 Maximum rotational speed

 15.300 rpm

 Minimum rorational speed

 100 rpm

 Maximum capacity

 4 x 250 ml

 Dimensions: Height x Width x Depth

 355x630x600 mm

 Weight without accessories

 78 kg

 Max. kinetic energy

 9.970 Nm

 Noise level at max. speed

 Rotor No. 12154 at 14500 rpm

 66 dB (A)

 Rotor No. 11132 at 5500 rpm

 60 dB (A)

 Max. acceleration

 Rotor No. 12154

 26 sec.

 Rotor No. 11132

 20 sec.

 Max. deceleration

 Rotor No. 12154

 53 sec

 Rotor No. 11132

 12 sec

 Min. rotor temperature at 23°C ambient temperature

 Rotor No. 12154
14000 rpm resp. 15300 rpm

 +2 resp. +5°C

 Rotor No. 11132
5000 rpm resp. 5500 rpm

 -2 resp. +4°C


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