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Christ Single Chamber Production Freeze Dryer System

Product Details

The CHRIST Single Chamber Freeze Dryer is an affordable and efficient option for freeze drying for bulk product. It’s also guaranteed to provide reliable use over the long term, which gives peace of mind with the reassurance from a manufacturer of full-scale double chamber lyophilisation systems.

The unit has a large drying capacity, with spacious shelves and variable shelf height, giving excellent flexibility for use. It also has a large ice capacity, the ice condenser is constructed to sit alongside the shelves for greater efficiency and shorter drying periods.

This single chamber freeze dryer is user friendly and easy to clean and maintain, while also featuring a compact design that allows for easy transportation and installation into your facility.

Providing reliable, flexible and efficient freeze drying, this single chamber model from CHRIST ticks a lot of boxes. Take a look at the technical specifications for more info or contact our freeze drying specialists to discuss your requirements.

Technical Specifications

  • Simple and user friendly operation
  • High efficiency and short drying periods due to the construction of the ice condenser beside the shelves
  • Ice layer control during the drying process and defrosting phase (approx. 20 to 30 minutes)
  • Simple cleaning of drying chamber and ice condenser
  • Low maintenance costs and operation expenses
  • Low space requirements, easy transportation and installation of the unit
  • Electro-hydraulic sealing device and variable distances between the shelves on request


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