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Separate substances in liquid samples with our range of high-quality laboratory centrifuges. Our quality models are ideal for a wide range of applications, including biotechnology, the chemical industry, clinical life-science laboratories, crude oil analysis, medical diagnostic labs, pharmacology and water management.

Find the ideal centrifuge from our range

We stock a large range of centrifuges, from our small SciSpin mini mircofuge – ideal for quick spin downs and micro filtration, to our Sigma refrigerated microfuge that allows the users to specify acceleration and deceleration curves and stop re-suspension. Our high-speed models have speeds of up to 30,000 rpm and relative centrifugal forces of up to 71,000 x g.

Most of our models are manufactured by Sigma, who supply scientific equipment and instruments renowned for their quality. Sigma centrifuges produce a complete range of both standard and refrigerated brushless microfuges and lab centrifuges. Whether you're in need of a bench top or floor standing model, you'll find one here. Don't hesitate to ask for custom built rotors or adapters and any other requirement you may have from our laboratory centrifuges.

As friction can cause heat to build up when processing samples, we also offer refrigerated models. Fast and accurate cooling means samples stay at the correct temperature, for better results.

Specialist advice

As the UK’s leading centrifugation specialist, please contact us for any technical queries or advice. We also supply a huge range of supporting and complimentary equipment for your lab allowing you to buy, maintain and service all of your equipment from one place. This includes angled and swing-out rotors, centrifuge tubes and bottles, and more. Most machines, accessories, consumables and spare parts are held in stock in our UK warehouse and our network of regional engineers ensures prompt and efficient service.

Our Sigma lab centrifuges are suitable for all laboratory, clinical, research and industrial applications. If you would like to find out more information, visit our Centrifuge FAQ page

Discover our range of Sigma centrifuges or contact us for more information on 01939 234 222 to discuss what lab centrifuges is best for you.

Get in touch with us on 01939 234222

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