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FAQ - Centrifuges

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  • Can I program my centrifuge?

    Most centrifuges are very simple to program. On many models, these can be stored for quick access in future runs to prevent having to continually input your centrifugation parameters.

  • What is the difference between fixed angle and swing out rotors?

  • How often should I get my centrifuge serviced?

  • What happens if my centrifuge imbalances?

  • what is the difference between RCF and RPM?

  • Does my centrifuge need refrigeration?

  • What is the lowest and highest speeds of Sigma centrifuges?

  • Can I buy a heated centrifuge to run at 37 degrees?

  • How do I decontaminate or clean my buckets?

  • Is there a maximum life of the rotors / buckets?

  • Can I use other manufacturer’s rotors, buckets and adapters?

  • Why does my centrifuge keep vibrating and shaking?

  • What happens if I have a tube breakage in the centrifuge?

  • Can I password protect my centrifuge settings?

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