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  • What type of samples are you processing?

    It always helps to know the constituent mix of material in the sample. This has a direct bearing on the freezing point and the correct ice condenser temperature required.

  • Do I need -55°C or -85°C ice condenser?

  • What is the best way to pre-freeze my samples?

  • How do I dry samples containing acetonitrile ACN?

  • What is the difference between LSCplus and LSC basic?

  • What size of ice condenser do I need?

  • Do I need vacuum control with my freeze dryer?

  • Do you have front loading freeze dryers?

  • When should I use heated shelves?

  • What vacuum pressure do I need to keep my samples frozen?

  • What are the main freeze-drying processes?

  • What is the difference between pilot and benchtop freeze dryers?

  • Do your freeze dryers come with vacuum pumps or can I use my own?

  • What vessels can I use for freeze drying?

  • Do I need to know what my sample is made from?

  • What is the eutectic point of the sample?

  • How do I use the stoppering device to seal my samples?

  • Should I seal my vials using inert gas?

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