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SciQuip Magnetic Stirrers Range

Product Details

Our range of laboratory magnetic stirrers offers fantastic value for money and unparalleled performance within the price range. Magnetic stirrers are often chosen in preference to gear-driven motorized magnetic stirrers because they are quieter, more efficient and have no external moving parts. SciQuip supplies a range of high-quality mixers, including digital stirrers and multiple position stirrers, for every conceivable laboratory need, including use within incubators and cold rooms.

GyroStir Flat Spin Magnetic Stirrer (SP2236-FS)

  • Ultra low profile at just 1.5cm tall
  • Speed range of 15 to 1,500 rpm
  • Max volume of 800ml aqueous
  • Automatic reverse rotation for better mixing
  • Spill and splash proof (IP 65 rated)
  • Chemical resistant surface
  • Ideal for titration, limited space, field labs and portable
  • Max stirrer bar 40mm
  • 2-Year Warranty

GyroStir 3.5" ECO  Magnetic Stirrer (SP2236-ECO)

  • Simple and economical analogue control
  • 120mm plastic work plate with good chemical resistance
  • 300-2000rpm speed range
  • Includes support clamp for external probes
  • 2-Year Warranty

GyroStir Basic Analogue Magnetic Stirrer (SP2201-B-A)

  • Tough entry level stirrer
  • ABS acid resistant* plastic 5” plate
  • Speed range 0 – 1,500 rpm
  • Max stirring capacity 3 liters (water)
  • Classic analogue scale control
  • 2-Year Warranty

*weak acids and alkalies only

GyroStir Glass Ceramic Square Magnetic Stirrer (SP2245)

  • 7” ceramic acid resistant work plate
  • 0-1500rpm speed range
  • Stirrers up to 10L of water
  • Powerful magnet
  • Simple analogue control
  • 2-Year Warranty

GyroStir Basic Digital Magnetic Stirrer (SP2201-B-D)

  • Digital Magnetic Stirrer
  • ABS acid resistant* plastic 5” plate
  • Speed range 100 – 1,500 rpm
  • Max stirring capacity 3 liters (water)
  • LED display – both set & real time values
  • Single one-knob control
  • 2-Year Warranty


Technical Specifications

Model GyroStir FlatSpin GyroStir Basic Analogue GyroStir Basic Digital Square Magnetic Stirrer SciQuip EcoStir Magnetic Stirrer 
Part number SP2236-FS SP2201-B-A SP2201-B-D SP2245 SP2236-ECO
Number of positions 1 1 1 1 1
Plate size 90mm 135mm 135mm 184x184mm (7 inch) Ø120mm
Max H2O 0.8L 3L 3L 10L 1.5L
Plate material Plastic Plastic Plastic Glass Ceramic PET
Display None None LCD None  - 
Max Length Stirrer Bar 40mm 50mm 50mm 80mm 40mm
Dimensions WxDxH 120x175x15mm 150x260x80mm 150x260x80mm 215x360x112mm 150x145x50mm
Ingress protection rating IP65 IP42 IP42 IP21 IP21


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Buying Options

Product Code Description List Price Offer Price Stock Quantity
SP2201-B-A SciQuip Gyrostir Basic Magnetic Stirrer £112.00 £58.00
SP2201-B-D SciQuip Gyrostir Digital Basic Magnetic Stirrer £138.00 £75.00
SP2236-FS SciQuip SciQuip FlatSpin Low Profile Magnetic Stirrer £115.00 £65.00
SP2245 SciQuip 7" Glass Ceramic Square Magnetic Stirrer POA Enquire
SP2236-ECO SciQuip 3.5" ECO Magnetic Stirrer POA Enquire


Product Code Description List Price Offer Price Stock Quantity
SP-MSBAR10 SciQuip Stirrer bar (10mm x 6mm) £2.00 £1.00
SP-MSBAR15 SciQuip Stirrer bar (15mm x 8mm) £2.00 £1.00
SP-MSBAR25 SciQuip Stirrer bar (25mm x 8mm) £3.00 £1.80
SP-MSBAR30 SciQuip Stirrer bar (30mm x 6mm) £3.00 £1.80
SP-MSBAR40 SciQuip Stirrer bar (40mm x 8mm) £4.00 £2.50
SP-MSBAR50 SciQuip Stirrer bar (50mm x 8mm) £4.00 £2.50
SP-MARRM SciQuip Stirrer bar remover, length of 200mm £38.00 £28.00

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