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LAUDA Ring/Plate Tensiometer TD1 C

Product Details

  • Easy to operate
  • Transmits a direct feel for surface and interfacial tension
  • Specially suited for beginners and in educational settings
  • Digital display of surface and interfacial tension
  • Simple selection of measuring methods according to
  • Du Noüy-ring, Wilhelmy-plate, Lenard frame or density measurement
  • Calibration with standard weights

Easy determination of surface tension
The TD 1 C model works with Du Noüy ring and Wilhelmy plate according to international standards (DIN 53914, ISO 304, ASTM D971). Furthermore, the density, according to the Archimedes’ principle, as well as smaller weights can be measured due to a newly-developed, even more powerful forcemeasuring cell with a considerably enlarged measuring range. The measuring table with the sample stage can be moved constant by means of ergonomic adjusting screws, like a microscope, in order to lower the Wilhelmy plate to the sample surface or in order to determine the force maximum during the ring measurement.

By means of the high-resolution display of the remote Command control, the increase in wetting force during withdrawing of the ring can be followed and the maximum force can also be found without detaching the lamella. The value displayed in the maximum is automatically corrected according to Zuidema and Waters, and thus corresponds to the surface tension of the measured liquid in mN/m. At the touch of a button, the measured value and all parameters can be either saved or directly printed out on an optional protocol printer.

Lauda Command Remote Controller

The TD 1 C units, whose technology has been completely revised and which bear a new design, offer even easier handling due to the handy remote control Command which has proven itself with LAUDA thermostats and measuring instruments. State-of-the-art processor technology allows extended documentation options. The sample stage of the easy to handle tensiometer can be manual adjusted. The measuring values are only displayed on the remote control. The evaluation of these values can be printed on an optional protocol printer. So the TD 1 C is a very flexible and highly precise measuring instrument.

Application Examples:

  • Testing of cleaning water for detergent residues
  • Determination and testing of the physical characteristics of solutions
  • Development and testing of surface-active substances such as surfactants and emulsifiers
  • Detection of surface-active substances in wastewater and other water

Technical Specifications


Measurement type    Surface and interfacial tension; density, weight
Measurements surface and interfacial tension           mN/m       ring < 300; plate < 999 
– Resolution    mN/m   ± 0.1 
Density measurement        g/l   < 2000 
– Resolution       g/l  ± 1 
Weight measurement       mg   < 5000
 – Resolution        mg  +/- 0.1 
Calibration    Calibration weight 
– Sensitifity    3 levels 
Display    320 x 240 Graphic display, 11 x 40 characters 
Selection of measuring modes    Menu-controlled
Parameter input    Menu-controlled 
Sample designation    Numerical (0 - 999) 
Measuring value    Results Max. 500, with date and time 
Stage movement (sample)   manual  DC motor 
Maximum recognition    Automatic 
Ring correction    Automatic according to Zuidema und Waters
Documentation    Printer, PC (optional) 
Weight        kg  approx. 5.0 
Dimensions (WxDxH)     mm3  250x120x300 
Power supply      V; Hz  100-240, 50/60


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