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Sigma 4-5KRL IVD

Sigma’s latest solution for integration of centrifugation processes into laboratory automation systems, the innovative Sigma 4-5KRL...

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How to maintain your vacuum pump properly

Changing diaphragms and valves Vacuum pumps should reliably support important processes in the background and take up as little of your time as possible for ma...

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Principle of the Rotation-Vacuum-Concentration

The process is used for particularly fast and gentle evaporation, drying, cleaning and concentration of samples. ...

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Centrifuge Bottle Guide

Ensuring correct and proper handling of all containers is key for safe, successful and user/centrifuge-friendly centrifugation....

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Quick and Easy Loading Front Loader Lyocube Acrylic Glass

The new LyoCube acrylic glass made of acrylic glass (PMMA) ......

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Where is your SciQuip Homogenizer useful?

Homogenizer is a laboratory device useful to perform homogenization.....

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Replacement of Refrigerant in Lauda Variocool Units

To comply with the F-gas regulation the refrigerants in the Lauda circulation chillers Variocool have been changed from  R 404A to R 452A or R 449A....

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New Centrifuge G-Lock System from Sigma | SciQuip

Sigma's new g-lock system makes changing your centrifuge rotor easier than ever. No buttons, no tools. Find out how much time you'll save here...

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Easy Documentation with Sigma Datasuite

The Sigma DataSuite enables comprehensive documentation with little administration effort....

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