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Liquid Handling & Pipettors

Liquid Handling & Pipettors

SciPette, our own brand of liquid handling products, has built a strong reputation for quality, durability, ergonomics and affordability among other serological pipettes and pipettors on the market. Starting with basic pipette pumps and manual pipettors, our range also covers fully digital pipettors, micropipettors and automatic liquid dispensing systems.

Pipettors are a form of pipette controller which enable the accurate drawing of liquid samples into a pipette. These devices also help to speed up the process of handling liquids and provide additional benefits by reducing hand-fatigue and the risk of contamination, to improve efficiency in the laboratory. We have a selection of pipettors and micro-pipettors (for smaller liquid volumes) to choose from, including variable and fixed-volume pipettors, multi-channel pipettors (for filling multiple pipettes at once) and more specialist devices where larger volumes of liquid need to be handled. Many of our products are autoclavable, to provide easy sterilization and remove contaminants, and they are supplied calibrated to ISO-standards for reliable accuracy when measuring precise volumes of liquid. SciPette digital pipettors are battery operated and able to be self-calibrated via a USB connection to a computer, removing the need for third-party calibration.

As they are used routinely in clinical, industrial, research and analysis laboratories, a key factor with any liquid handling device is ergonomics. SciPette products are specifically designed to reduce RSI (repetitive strain injury) and decrease physical stress, so they are light weight but also of high quality. Many items in the range have a 3-year warranty included, so you can be sure our liquid handling and pipettor range is a wise choice. We also offer other pipettor accessories, including pipettor stands, pipette pumps, pipettor tips and more.

We supply a full range of pipettors, micropipettors and liquid handling equipment, so if you can't find a model or feature you require, please call our Sales Team on 01939 234 222 or contact us below.

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