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All the laboratory Sigma microfuges and microcentrifuges are designed for microtubes, with a wide range of centrifuge tube adapters. Sigma microcentrifuges are used in a broad spectrum of scientific applications, ranging from biotechnology, clinical life-science laboratories, medical diagnostic labs and pharmacological technology. Sigma supplies laboratory equipment renowned for its quality in such a compact form, perfect for any laboratory where space is tight.

The Sigma microfuge 1-14 is ultra-compact, including the 1-14k refrigerated microfuge. These highly efficient space-saving designs would fit easily into any busy laboratory. The range is further enhanced with the Sigma 1-16 and 1-16K Sigma microfuges.

We provide lab equipment, microfuges and microcentrifuges from leading manufacturers. We deliver throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. For more information on our laboratory equipment, please call 01939 234 222 or contact us below.

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Certified to ISO9001 & ISO14001