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Saliva Collection Kit

Product Details

  • Cost-effective, non-invasive method capturing saliva samples for DNA/RNA extraction
  • Saliva collection kit includes:
    • Saliva Collector
    • Screw cap for saliva sample tube
    • Transport tube prefilled with 2ml of protective media
  • Supplied in packs of 50 kits (indivdually boxed)

The Saliva Collection Kit is comprises a saliva collection funnel, an screw cap for the sample transport tube which is prefilled with 2ml of protective solution. Each kit is sealed and individually packaged.  The large funnel with low adsorption allows for easy collection of the saliva sample.  The tube is closed with a leak proof screwcap.

This Saliva Collection Kit ensures sample stability during storage and transport at ambient temperatures without the need for refrigeration or specialized equipment.  The protective reagent effectively inactivates pathogens (e.g. bacteria/viruses) in collected samples.  Each collection tube is pre-filled with 2ml of protective media that preserves nucleic acids in samples at ambient temperature. These samples be frozen (-20/-80°C) for prolonged periods.

Technical Specifications

  1. Remove the kit from packaging
  2. Deep cough and spit into the saliva collector, up to 2ml marker
  3. Add the preservation solution prefilled tube
  4. Remove the saliva collector and screw the cap
  5. Invert tube to mix

Note: DO NOT drink, touch the preservation solution. The solution can be harmful if ingested and may cause irritation if exposed to the skin and eyes.


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