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Active Recycling Policies

Currently 98% of the packaging used by our suppliers is recycled by SciQuip and where possible we recycle and re-use all of our crates, boxes and packaging material.

At delivery/installation we encourage all end users to recycle the packaging materials if this is not possible we endeavour to return the materials to our head office for recycling. 

We place large stock orders with our suppliers in order to reduce the number of shipments and packaging required for those shipments where possible and encourage our customers to take consolidated deliveries thereby further reducing packaging as well as the environmental cost of multiple deliveries.

During our supplier audits we emphasise our own environmental standards and encourage our suppliers to recycle all materials wherever possible, reduce packaging and consolidate deliveries.

SciQuip is using the very minimum new packaging and only if essential. SciQuip commits to using only materials that are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

All our waste paper is shredded for reuse as packing material.

As part of our commitment to the environment SciQuip monitors and sets targets for paper usage. We actively recycle all waste paper, plastics, batteries and printer cartridges.

WEEE - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

The WEEE directive which came into force fully on 1st July 2007 puts the responsibility for disposal of electrical equipment with the manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment, and requires them to dispose of unwanted items in an environmentally-friendly manner.

SciQuip is proud to confirm our membership to the Veolia Environmental Services WEEE Producer Compliance Scheme. With this, our key obligations are:

(1) Each producer or authorised representative will finance the costs of collection, treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal of—

(a) WEEE from users other than private households arising during a compliance period from EEE placed on the market in the
United Kingdom on or after 13 August 2005 (“the relevant WEEE”) by that producer or authorised representative; and

(b) WEEE from users other than private households arising during a compliance period from EEE placed on the market in the
United Kingdom before 13 August 2005 where that producer or authorised representative is supplying new EEE that—

(i) is intended to replace the relevant WEEE, and
(ii) is of an equivalent type or is fulfilling the same function as the relevant WEEE.

(2) Nothing in paragraph (1) will prevent a producer from concluding an agreement with users other than private households to make alternative arrangements between themselves to finance the costs of the collection, treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal of WEEE.

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